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Get the book writing tactics for being a MASSIVE INFLUENCER from this BEST-SELLING GHOSTWRITER and see the kind of success you deserve!
See how to have a life-changing book that creates IMPACT to rocket your career!
“I have been very happy working with Robert in writing my first book. I had worked with writing coaches, ghost writers and others in an attempt to help me flush out my story and communicate it in an authentic and clear way. Not until working with Robert had I felt this was being accomplished.

“Robert provides pearls of wisdom at every step of the process and asks poignant and probing questions in an effort to provide clarity to my vision. I am excited to continue to work with him both now and in the future and have recommended him to others who are interested in telling their story and bringing value to others through book writing.” —Patrick H Tyrance, Jr MD
This workshop will show you how to...
  • Overcome the confusion and overwhelm of writing and publishing a book.
  • Avoid the MAJOR MISTAKES 82% of all authors make.
  • Keep yourself from ever having WRITER'S BLOCK!
  • Reach the level of being the top 1% in your field.
  • Make sure your book is something your audience will want to read. 
  • (Did you know that most authors don't WRITE their own books?) Understand YOUR position as "the author" of your book.
  • Save thousands of dollars getting your book written.
  • Get the transparent truth about selling books and making a lot of money with your information ... and more!
“Robert Nahas and Writer Services provided me the opportunity to get my story told to the world.

"The project completed within the time frame and budget planned at the start.

"No hidden costs or surprises; you get what it says on the tin.” 
—John Alden
John Alden
Ret Royal Marine
"Robert has an understanding of books like I've never seen before. His unique book writing formula made it possible for all  3 of my sales and personal development books to directly influence my growth from being a very successful entrepreneur to being extremely successful; just like we set out to do.

"Having Robert guide the book writing process was one of the smartest business decisions I've made in my long-running career.

"His guidance made it possible for me to become a bestselling author as well. I recommend Robert Nahas to anyone looking for big results." 
—Duane Marino 
Duane Marino
"My bestsellers were through Writer Services with the knowledgeable guidance of Robert Nahas. 

"Robert knows how to make books really influence the readers. 

"I highly recommend Robert and Writer Services for your books." 

—Dr. RobertMarx
Dr. Robert Marx
Patrick Tyrance
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You are in the Information Age
If you've ever wanted to have a book of your own, you're at the right place.

Whether you want to become a major influencer or entertain people with your creative storytelling, there's no better time to write and publish a book than RIGHT NOW!

Do you have something important to say or believe you have a great story to tell?
Do you have a desire to help people and feel you know a few things that others would benefit from? 
Are you looking to create a startup business or seeking to figure out how to surge to that next lucrative level of your success?

What ever the reason, you can finally overcome what has been stopping you from making this amazing lifetime achievement happen for yourself. 

The Savvy Author Workshop will put you on the path to becoming highly successful by having one or more books of your own. 

It all starts with information and knowledge. 

THIS is what will make you unstoppable while avoiding the many pitfalls aspiring authors fall into. You see... 

Most authors fail.... But the ones who put out a special kind of impactful book are booming their careers by influencing the world with their message. They're the ones people are listening to, buying from and following to the ends of the earth. 

You have to ask yourself..., "Why not me?"

"The people who realize how to harness the power of The Information Age will become the next generation of millionaires." —Robert Nahas
“I am on the first leg of my book writing journey with Robert and I have to say that so far the materials that he has given me from his website are an invaluable tool for me as an amateur writer to provoke ideas that are trapped inside my head. The step by step process that he teaches took me out of a mental block and allowed me to continue building the outline of my story. He has great positive energy, patience and understanding of the total writing process. I would almost consider him a “mental safe haven” that acts as an “inspirational lifeguard” that has picked me up out of the mental blocks and back on the road to completing my dream as an author.
I look forward to the completion of my book with Robert at my side.” 
 —Dan Mervenne; Ada, Michigan

"I want to commend you for your time and effort in helping Lori tell her truly amazing story. I stumbled across her book and decided to give it a read, pretty much on a whim. You certainly are acutely aware of Lori and her story, so I don't need to reiterate it, so I'll just say this: It moved me beyond words. She is an inspiration, whose likeness should be put on a stamp or something. =) I am not on Facebook, so cannot contact her through it. Do you have contact info for her (e-mail or through her C.L.O.C.K.S. foundation) where I could contact her directly? If not, please pass these words on to her, if you would.

Thank you so much for your time,

—Eric; the Goodreads team

My name is Robert Nahas. I'm the CEO of Writer Services, LLC ( 

As an accomplished ghostwriter, I've written close to 60 books for others, and I know a few things about how to explode a career with books. In fact, I know quite a few secrets for immense success. 

But realize I'm no superman or guru. Most of what I know in creating bestsellers and putting people on the world map for success is referred to as SECRETS only because it's only known and understood by a handful of people.

And no one other than myself is willing to share this life-changing information. The others either don't know what they have or they just don't want others to know. That doesn't really matter.

What matters is I'm aware of my purpose while here on this Earth. It's to help make a better world. As they say... 

Why Not You?
If you want to help others improve their lives in some way, then I want to help you to become the most successful person in your field. The great part about this is, I only need to show you the ropes.

People fail at their books because they don't know what they're doing and haven't bothered to learn the right way to get a book written and published. 

It's a shame..., but you don't have to suffer such failure and embarrassment.
I've helped a lot of people over the past 20 years, but I want to help more individuals who then help A LOT more people. And I'm looking to help more people more quickly through my Savvy Author Workshop.

I want to put more people on the path to achieving their highest goals. Does this include you? I've spent that past year putting together what is likely the most valuable workshop ever created on writing books and authorship. All you need to do is show up. 

If you want to create some incredible results for yourself by reaching the highest goals you've ever imagined for yourself, then join in the fun and excitement by coming to better understand the power of THE INFORMATION AGE. 

Be part of an amazing community of exceptional people by attending my online workshop. I'm delivering it completely FREE of CHARGE, even though the information I share is game-changing.

Attendance is going to be kept small so I can really help everyone to get some amazing wins. Enroll right now to save your spot. This event is approaching quickly and seats are filling up. 

—Robert Nahas
I've helped a lot of people achieve their success goals with their books 
—I can help you.
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